TODAY'S VOCA: deploy (군대를) 배치하다

According to video footage, “deploy” means:

a. defile 
b. derange  
c. disappear 
d. position

링크된 영상을 참조해 다음을 해석하시오.
Tear gas and water cannon were deployed against thousands of anti-government protesters in Chile.

Which of the following would be most likely to deploy something?

(A) a fisherman         (B) a teacher  
(C) an army general  (D) a Siamese cat

퀴즈 출처:

[해석] 칠레에서 수천 명의 반정부 시위대에 대해 최루탄과 물대포가 배치되었다.

According to video footage, “deploy” means: position

derange 흐트러뜨리다, 어지럽히다
disappear 사라지다, 없어지다
position (특정한 위치에) 두다, 배치하다

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