Voca 테스트 (10)

수능, 공무원 시험을 비롯한 각종 영어시험에서 출제되는 어휘와 독해문제들을 쉽게 풀 수 있도록 문맥 속에서 어휘의 의미를 제대로 파악할 수 있는 훈련을 제공합니다

다음 밑줄 친 단어 또는 구의 의미와 가까운 단어나 표현을 (A)~(D) 중에서 고르시오.

1.      Severe snowstorms cause power failures in the Northeast every winter.
(A) Tornadoes
(B) Hurricanes
(C) Blizzards
(D) Earthquakes

2.      The law officers in many early Western settlements had to maintain order by means of their guns.
(A) priests
(B) marshals
(C) physicians
(D) merchants

3.      By law, when one makes a large purchase, he must have an adequate opportunity to change his mind.
(A) an ample
(B) a belated
(C) an informal
(D) a gracious    

4.      A cut in the budget put 10 percent of the state employee’s jobs in jeopardy.
(A) range
(B) review
(C) perspective
(D) danger  

5.      When baseball players became impatient with their contracts, they went on strike, causing most of the 1981 season to be lost.
(A) alarmed
(B) enthusiastic
(C) exasperated
(D) organized

6.      A laser beam is used to penetrate even the hardest substances.
(A) light up
(B) repair
(C) identify
(D) pass through

7.      In the past, energy sources were thought to be boundless.
(A) without limits
(B) inexpensive
(C) natural
(D) solar

8.      It will be necessary for the doctor to widen the pupils of your eyes with some drops in order to examine them.  
(A) massage
(B) treat
(C) dilate
(D) soothe

9.      Several theories of evolution had historically preceded that of Charles Darwin, although he expounded upon the stages of development.
(A) found fault with
(B) explained in detail
(C) outlined briefly
(D) offered in published form

10.   Cruel treatment of inmates instigated a riot in one of the Indiana prisons.
(A) Tolerant
(B) Reliable
(C) Brutal
(D) Dubious

정답 및 해설

1. (C) Blizzards (눈보라)
A blizzard is a severe storm accompanied by high winds. Choice (A) is a violent windstorm. Choice (B) is a severe tropical cyclone. Choice (D) is a shaking of the earth’s surface caused by disturbances underground.
해석: 겨울 동북부 지역에 심한 눈보라로 정전이 발생한다.

2. (B) marshals
A marshal is a law officer who carries out the orders of a court. Choice (A) is a clergyman, especially in the Roman Catholic church. Choice (C) is a medical doctor. Choice (D) is a shopkeeper.
해석: 많은 초기 서부 정착지의 집행관들은 총을 사용하여 질서를 유지해야 했다.

3. (A) an ample
Ample means adequate; enough for a specific purpose. Choice (B) means past date. Choice (C) means casual. Choice (D) means kind.
해석: 법에 의해 누구나 대량구매를 할 경우 생각을 바꿀 수 있는 충분한 기회가 있어야 한다.

4. (D) danger
Jeopardy is danger. Choice (A) is extent; scope. Choice (B) is examination. Choice (C) is point of view.
해석: 예산 삭감 때문에 공무원 일자리의 10% 위험에 빠졌다.

5. (C) exasperated
Exasperated means impatient; angry, especially after having been provoked. Choice (A) means frightened. Choice (B) means eager. Choice (D) means orderly.
해석: 야구 선수들이 계약을 참지 못해 파업에 돌입해서 1981 시즌의 대부분을 잃게 되었다.

6. (D) pass through
To penetrate means pass through; to enter. Choice (A) means to illuminate. Choice (B) means to restore. Choice (C) means to designate.
해석: 레이저 빔은 가장 단단한 물질도 관통하는 사용된다.

7. (A) without limits
Boundless means without physical limits. Choice (B) means cheap. Choice (C) means not artificial; produced by nature. Choice (D) means from the sun.

해석: 과거에는 에너지원이 무한하다고 생각되었다.

8. (C) dilate
To dilate means to widen; to make larger. Choice (A) means to rub. Choice (B) means to give medical aid. Choice (D) means to comfort; calm.
해석: 의사가 눈을 검사하기 위해 몇 방울로 눈의 동공을 넓힐 필요가 있다.

9. (B) explained in detail
To expound upon means to explain in detail, especially an academic subject. Choice (A) means to criticize. Choice (C) means to sketch. Choice (D) means to author.
해석: 진화의 여러 이론은 역사적으로 Charles Darwin 이론보다 앞서 있었다. 비록 다윈이 발달 단계에 대해 자세히 설명을 했지만.

10. (C) Brutal
Brutal means cruel; savage. Used especially in reference to physical acts. Choice (A) means having a fair attitude toward those who hold different views. Choice (B) means dependable. Choice (D) means doubtful.
해석: 수감자들에 대한 잔인한 대우 때문에 인디애나 교도소 중 한 곳에서 폭동이 일어났다.

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