Voca 테스트 (12)

수능, 공무원 시험을 비롯한 각종 영어시험에서 출제되는 어휘와 독해문제들을 쉽게 풀 수 있도록 문맥 속에서 어휘의 의미를 제대로 파악할 수 있는 훈련을 제공합니다

1.       Because tornadoes are more prevalent in the middle states, the area from Minnesota to Texas is called Tornado Alley.
(A) severe
(B) widespread
(C) short-lived
(D) feared

2.       One must live in the United States five years in order to apply for citizenship.
(A) reside in
(B) accommodate to
(C) invade
(D) abandon

3.       Reagan seemed sure that he would win the election.
(A) eager
(B) hopeful
(C) confident
(D) resigned

정답 및 해설

1. (B) widespread
Prevalent means widespread. Choice (A) means serious. Choice (C) means brief. Choice (D) means causing alarm.
해석: 토네이도는 중부 주에서 많이 발생하기 때문에 미네소타에서 텍사스까지의 지역은 Tornado Alley 불린다.

2. (A) reside in
To reside means to live in a certain place, especially for an extended or permanent period. Choice (B) means to accustom. Choice (C) means to intrude. Choice (D) means to leave.
해석: 시민권을 신청하려면 미국에 5 동안 거주해야 한다.

3. (C) confident
Confident means sure of oneself. Choice (A) means expectant. Choice (B) means optimistic. Choice (D) means compliant; obedient.
해석: 레이건은 자신이 선거에서 승리할 것이라고 확신하는 것처럼 보였다.

4.       Even though the critics are not enthusiastic, some of the plays off Broadways are very funny.
(A) incongruous
(B) anomalous
(C) illustrious
(D) hilarious  

5.       Ethnocentrism prevents us from putting up with all of the customs we encounter in another culture.
(A) experiencing
(B) adopting
(C) comprehending
(D) tolerating

6.       For your safety and the safety of others, always pay attention to traffic signals.
(A) overlook
(B) heed
(C) glance at
(D) repair

정답 및 해설

4. (D) hilarious
Hilarious means very funny; laughable. Choice (A) means inappropriate. Choice (B) means unusual. Choice (C) means famous.
해석: 비평가들은 열광적이지 않지만 브로드웨이의 일부 연극은 매우 재미있다.

5. (D) tolerating
To put up with someone means to tolerate him. Choice (A) means to participate. Choice (B) means to accept. Choice (C) means to understand.
해석: 자민족 중심주의는 우리가 다른 문화에서 접하는 모든 관습을 참는 것을 방지한다.
어휘: ethnocentrism 자기 문화 중심주의

6. (B) heed
To heed means to pay attention to; to consider. Choice (A) means to ignore. Choice (C) means to look quickly. Choice (D) means to fix.
해석: 당신과 다른 사람의 안전을 위해 항상 교통 신호에 주의하라.

7.      Neon is an element which does not combine readily with any other element; because of this property, it is called an inactive element.
(A) inert
(B) adjacent
(C) explicit
(D) obsolete

8.      Attending a church, temple, or mosque is one way to make agreeable friends.
(A) enduring
(B) congenial
(C) elderly
(D) numerous

9.     Because the Amtrak system is so old, the trains always start suddenly.
(A) with ease
(B) with a thump
(C) with a jerk
(D) with effort

10.    In order to enjoy fine wine, one should drink it slowly, a little at a time.
(A) stir
(B) sniff
(C) spill
(D) sip

정답 및 해설

7. (A) inert
Inert means inactive; lacking independent power to move. Used especially in reference to elements and energy. Choice (B) means near-by. Choice (C) means specific. Choice (D) means no longer in use.
해석: 네온은 다른 요소와 쉽게 결합되지 않는 요소이다. 속성 때문에 비활성 요소라고 불린다.

8. (B) congenial
Congenial means agreeable; pleasing in character. Choice (A) means lasting. Choice (C) means old. Choice (D) means many.
해석: 교회, 사원 모스크에 참석하는 것은 좋은 친구를 사귈 있는 가지 방법이다.
어휘: congenial 마음이 맞는

9. (C) with a jerk
A jerk is a sudden movement. Choice (A) means easily. Choice (B) means with a dull noise. Choice (D) means with difficulty.
해석: Amtrak 시스템이 너무 오래되었기 때문에 기차는 항상 갑자기 출발한다.

10. (D) sip
To sip means to drink a little at a time. Choice (A) means to rotate. Choice (B) means to smell. Choice (C) means to let it run out of the container.
해석: 좋은 술을 즐기기 위해서는 천천히 조금씩 마셔야 한다.

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