Voca 테스트 (14)

다음 밑줄 친 단어 또는 구의 의미와 가까운 단어나 표현을 (A)~(D) 중에서 고르시오.

1.       Thomas Edison’s office was always disorganized with books and papers.
(A) cluttered
(B) decorated
(C) sorted
(D) stacked

2.       Historical records reveal that Jefferson reiterated his ideas about a meritocracy.
(A) furthered
(B) changed
(C) repeated
(D) published

3.       Mail service will be suspended during the postal worker’s strike.
(A) inspected
(B) delayed
(C) uninterrupted
(D) curtailed

정답 및 해설

1. (A) cluttered
Cluttered means disorganized; confused; littered. Choice (B) means adorned. Choice (C) means classified. Choice (D) means placed one on top of the other.
해석: 토마스 에디슨의 사무실은 항상 책과 서류로 엉망이었다.

2. (C) repeat
To reiterate means to repeat. Choice (A) means to advance. Choice (B) means to alter. Choice (D) means to prepare and distribute written material.
해석: 역사적 기록에 따르면 제퍼슨은 능력주의에 대한 자신의 생각을 반복했다.

3. (D) curtailed
To curtail means to suspend; to shorten, especially in reference to a service. Choice (A) means to examine. Choice (B) means to postpone. Choice (C) means to continue.
해석: 우체국 직원의 파업 기간 동안 우편 서비스가 중단된다.

다음 밑줄 친 단어 또는 구의 의미와 가까운 단어나 표현을 (A)~(D) 중에서 고르시오.

4.       In Benjamin Franklin’s almanac, he warns against making hasty decision.
(A) expensive
(B) unhealthy
(C) firm
(D) quick

5.       An appendectomy is a routine operation.
(A) cheap
(B) small
(C) usual
(D) trivial

6.       Lifting the shoulders is a gesture that indicates lack of interest.
(A) Napping
(B) Shrugging
(C) Sighing
(D) Yawning

정답 및 해설

4. (D) quick
Hasty means done too quickly to be accurate or wise. Choice (A) means costly. Choice (B) means sick. Choice (C) means definite; final.
해석: 벤자민 프랭클린의 연감에서 그는 성급한 결정을 내리지 말라고 경고한다.

5. (C) usual
Routine means usual. Choice (A) means inexpensive. Choice (B) means little. Choice (D) means unimportant.
해석: 맹장 수술은 일상적인 수술이다.

6. (B) Shrugging
To shrug means to raise the shoulders in a gesture of doubt or indifference. Choice (A) means to sleep. Choice (C) means to exhale softly. Choice (D) means to open the mouth wide when tired.
해석: 어깨를 들어 올리는 것은 관심이 없음을 나타내는 몸짓이다

7.       Some celestial bodies will leave luminous trails upon entering the earth’s atmosphere.
(A) junk
(B) meteors
(C) missiles
(D) precipitation

8.       In the play Virginia Woolf a woman and her husband spend most of their time quarreling.
(A) bickering
(B) gossiping
(C) teasing
(D) chuckling

9.       Tiny Tim, a character in A Christmas Carol, was a happy little boy in spite of the disability that caused him to favor one leg.
(A) limp
(B) weep
(C) rest
(D) shout

10.     Pipes may be painted to keep them from getting oxidized.
(A) misplaced
(B) soaked
(C) rusty
(D) frozen

정답 및 해설

7. (B) meteors
Meteors are celestial bodies smaller than one mile in diameter. Choice (A) is refuse; worthless material. Choice (C) is a weapon that is thrown or fired. Choice (D) is rain, snow, or sleet.
해석: 일부 천체는 지구 대기권에 진입할 때 빛나는 흔적을 남길 것이다.

8. (A) bickering
To bicker means to quarrel. Choice (B) means to discuss rumors. Choice (C) means to joke. Choice (D) means to laugh.
해석: 버지니아 울프(Virginia Woolf)라는 연극에서 한 여성과 그녀의 남편은 대부분의 시간을 말다툼을 하며 보낸다.

9. (A) limp
To limp means to favor one leg; to be crippled. Choice (B) means to cry. Choice (C) means to relax. Choice (D) means to yell.
해석: Tiny Tim은 크리스마스 캐롤의 등장인물인데 한쪽 다리만 돌봐야 하는 장애가 있음에도 불구하고 행복한 소년이었다.
favor (신체의 일부를) 소중히 다루다, 돌보다

10. (C) rusty
Rusty means oxidized. Choice (A) means lost. Choice (B) means very wet. Choice (D) means very cold.
해석: 파이프가 산화되는 것을 방지하기 위해 페인트칠을 할 수 있다.

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