Voca 테스트 (5)

수능, 공무원 시험을 비롯한 각종 영어시험에서 출제되는 어휘와 독해문제들을 쉽게 있도록 문맥 속에서 어휘의 의미를 제대로 파악할 있는 훈련을 제공합니다.

1.      The landscape can change abruptly after a rainstorm in the desert Southwest.
(A) quickly     
(B) sharply
(C) favorably      
(D) slightly

2.      Because of the extreme pressure underwater, divers are often sluggish.
(A) careful
(B) slow
(C) hurt
(D) worried

3.      Travel agents will confirm your reservations for you free.
(A) purchase
(B) verify
(C) exchange
(D) obtain    

4.      J.P. Morgan had a reputation for being a prudent businessman.
(A) clever
(B) wealthy
(C) careful
(D) dishonesty

5.      Discretionary funds are included in most budgets to cover expense that the contractor might run into during the work.
(A) forget to do
(B) pay for
(C) meet unexpectedly
(D) add on

6.      The successful use of antitoxins and serums has virtually eradicated the threat of malaria, yellow fever, and other inset-borne diseases.
(A) improved
(B) removed
(C) discovered
(D) announced

7.      A legal combination of United States Airways, Inc., and the Intercontinental Airlines Company was approved at a joint board of directors meeting.
(A) reconciliation
(B) strike
(C) merger
(D) memorandum

8.      It is difficult to discern the sample that is on the slide unless the microscope is adjusted.
(A) discard
(B) arrange
(C) determine
(D) debate

9.      Although he is recognized as one of the most brilliant scientists in his field, Professor White cannot seem to make his ideas understood in class.
(A) get his ideas down
(B) recall his ideas
(C) summarize his ideas
(D) get his ideas across

10.   Relaxation therapy teaches one not to fret about small problems.
(A) worry with
(B) get angry about
(C) get involved in
(D) look for

정답 및 해설

1. (A) quickly
Abruptly means suddenly; quickly.
해석: 남서부 사막에서 폭풍우가 발생한 풍경이 갑자기 바뀔 있다.

2. (B) slow
궁금한, 호기심이 많은
Sluggish means slow to respond; not easily aroused.
해석: 극도의 수중 압력 때문에 다이버들은 종종 (몸의 움직임이) 둔하다
어휘: sluggish 둔한 느린, 활기가 없는

sluggish: 둔한, 느린, 활기가 없는

3. (B) verify 확인하다, 입증하다
To confirm means to verify; to make certain of the truth, especially by comparison.
해석: 여행사가 무료로 당신이 한 예약을 확인해 줄 겁니다.

confirm: 사실임을 보여주다, ~을 확인하다

4. (C) careful
Prudent means careful; wise, especially in practical matters.
해석: J.P. Morgan 신중한 사업가라는 평판을 받았다.

5. (C) meet unexpectedly
To run into something means to meet it unexpectedly; to find by chance.
해석: 임의 자금이 대부분의 예산에 포함되는 이유는 계약자가 작업 중에 발생할 있는 비용을 충당하기 위해서이다.

run into
run into: ① ~와 우연히 만나다 ② (문제 등에) 부딪치다

6. (B) removed
To eradicate means to remove all traces, especially in reference to something harmful such as a disease.
해석: 항독소와 혈청의 성공적인 사용으로 인해 사실상 말라리아, 황열병 및 기타 삽입 매개 질병의 위협이 근절되었다.

eradicate: 근절하다, 뿌리뽑다(wipe out)

7. (C) merger 합병
A merger is a legal combination of two or more businesses.

해석: United States AirwaysIntercontinental Airlines의 합법적인 결합이 합동 이사회 회의에서 승인되었다.


8. (C) determine
To discern means to determine; to recognize.
해석: 현미경을 조정하지 않으면 슬라이드에 있는 샘플을 식별하기 어렵다.

9. (D) get his ideas across ~에게 자신의 아이디어를 이해시키다
To get an idea across means to make it understood.
해석: 그는 자신의 분야에서 가장 뛰어난 과학자 명으로 인정받고 있지만 화이트 교수는 수업 시간에 자신의 아이디어를 (학생들에게) 이해시키지 못하는 같다.

10. (A) worry with
To fret means to worry with, especially small or unimportant matters.
해석: 이완요법은 작은 문제에 대해 걱정하지 않도록 가르친다.
fret 조마조마하다

fret: 조바심치다, 조마조마하다

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