Voca 테스트 (8)

수능, 공무원 시험을 비롯한 각종 영어시험에서 출제되는 어휘와 독해문제들을 쉽게 풀 수 있도록 문맥 속에서 어휘의 의미를 제대로 파악할 수 있는 훈련을 제공합니다

다음 밑줄 친 단어 또는 구의 의미와 가까운 단어나 표현을 (A)~(D) 중에서 고르시오.

1.      Some of the gangs that terrorized Chicago in the 1920’s did not have the propriety to keep their activities off the streets.
(A) decency
(B) ability
(C) resources
(D) courage

2.      After an unhappy love affair, Emily Dickerson lived like a person apart from society, shut away in her family home in Amherst, Massachusetts.
(A) a heroine
(B) a beggar
(C) a recluse
(D) an invalid

3.      Legislators are considering whether the drug laws for possession of marijuana are too severe.
(A) vague
(B) harsh
(C) diverse
(D) covert    

4.      The Revolutionary forces had to muster up enough men to oppose the British army.
(A) finance
(B) disguise
(C) convince
(D) gather

5.      The Boy Scouts usually sell apple juice in the fall in order to earn money for their activities.
(A) punch
(B) ale
(C) cider
(D) soda

6.      Since none of the polls had predicted the winner, everyone was surprised by the results of the election.
(A) astounded
(B) delighted
(C) encouraged
(D) perturbed

7.      The perpetual motion of the earth as it turns on its axis creates the change of seasons.
(A) ancient
(B) regular
(C) leisurely
(D) constant

8.      The fort now known as Fort McHenry was built prior to the War of 1812 to guard Baltimore harbor.
(A) mansion
(B) garrison
(C) tower
(D) museum

9.      The graduate committee must be in full accord in their approval of a dissertation.
(A) indecisive
(B) unanimous
(C) vocal
(D) sullen

10.   Americans have been criticized for placing too much emphasis on being on time.
(A) importance
(B) activity
(C) bother
(D) assistance

정답 및 해설

1. (A) decency 체면, 예절
Decency is propriety; socially acceptable behavior.
해석: 1920년대 시카고를 공포에 떨게 일부 갱단은 그들의 활동을 중단할 만한 예절이나 품위가 없었다.
어휘: keep off; refrain from 삼가다, 멀리하다

2. (C) a recluse
A recluse is a person who lives apart from society. Choice (A) is the principal female character in a written work. Choice (B) is a very poor person. Choice (D) is a sick person.
해석: 불행한 연애 끝에 에밀리 디커슨은 매사추세츠주 애머스트에 있는 자신의 집에서 사회와 격리된 사람처럼 살았다.

3. (B) harsh
Harsh means severe; unnecessarily cruel. Choice (A) means not clear. Choice (C) means varied. Choice (D) means secret.
해석: 입법부는 마리화나 소지에 대한 마약법이 너무 엄격한지 여부를 고려하고 있다.

4. (D) gather
To muster up means to gather; to assemble. Used especially in reference to courage. Choice (A) means to pay. Choice (B) means to hide. Choice (C) means to persuade.
해석: 혁명군은 영국군에 대항할 있는 충분한 병력을 소집해야 했다.

5. (C) cider
Cider is apple juice. Choice (A) is mixed fruit juice. Choice (B) is an alcoholic drink similar to beer. Choice (D) is a non-alcoholic drink such as coke or Pepsi.
해석: 보이 스카우트는 일반적으로 활동에 대한 돈을 벌기 위해 가을에 사과 주스를 판매한다.

6. (A) astounded
Astounded means surprised; astonished. Choice (B) means pleased. Choice (C) means optimistic. Choice (D) means disturbed; annoyed.
해석: 어느 여론조사에서도 승자를 예측하지 않았기 때문에 모두가 선거 결과에 놀랐다.

7. (D) constant
Perpetual means constant; continuing forever. Used especially in reference to motion.

해석: 축을 중심으로 도는 지구의 끊임없는 운동 때문에 계절의 변화가 생긴다.

8. (B) garrison
A garrison is a fortified place. Choice (A) is a large house. Choice (C) is a tall structure. Choice (D) is a building to hold artistic, historical or scientific exhibits.
해석: 현재 Fort McHenry로 알려진 요새는 볼티모어 항구를 보호하기 위해 1812년 전쟁 이전에 지어졌다.

Fort McHenry
Fort McHenry

9. (B) unanimous
Unanimous means in full accord; by common consent. Choice (A) means unsure. Choice (C) means quick to criticize. Choice (D) means resentful.
해석: 대학원 위원회는 논문 승인에 전적으로 동의해야 한다.

10. (A) importance
Choice (B) is action. Choice (C) is irritation. Choice (D) is help.
해석: 미국인들은 시간을 잘 지키는 일에 너무 많은 강조를 한다는 비판을 받아왔다.
be on time; be punctual 시간을 잘 지키다

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